Saturday, February 24, 2007

Boxcutter - Oneiric

Dubstep continues its logical progression. After years of being confined to underground clubs, pirate radios and white labels, we already had two genre-defining records ("Burial" by Burial and "Memories Of The Future" by Kode9 + The Spaceape), a lighter and infectious approach ("Skream!" by Skream), a successful attempt to mix dubstep with folk songs ("The World Is Gone" by Various) and now a new twist, bringing industrial and metalized electronic sounds to dubstep's trademark elements. Keeping with the same old comparisons, Boxcutter is doing something very similar to what Photek did to drum'n'bass exactly ten years ago. What does all this mean? If last year we had post-apocalyptic records, "Oneiric" is the apocalypse itself, harder and faster, full of furious, hallucinating and difficult-to-decipher rhythms, with a nervous and confronting atmosphere that, with a few rare exceptions, makes it almost impossible to breathe. Yep, as intense as that. And no, this is definitely not music to relax. (7/10)

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