Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Berg Sans Nipple - Along The Quai

Listenning to this record, it's hard to believe that it doesn't come from Iceland. Its ambiences evoke vast landscapes of raw nature and luminous beauty, full of harmonic contrasts, much like we're used to associate with Icelandic music, while its use of instruments remind me a lot of the bricolage play that was so present in Múm albums. But, after double checking, it is confirmed: The Berg Sans Nipple consist of Frenchman Lori Sean Berg and Nebraskan Shane Aspegren. Out of the unknown, they offer us their own interpretation of what they think electronic music should be: dreamy, soft, ethereal, full of liquid sounds, with occasional dramatic and epic moments and complete with small details made of organic matter that insert human life and emotions into its whole. Literally the stuff that dreams are made of. (7/10)

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