Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Must-have objects for a survival kit # 6

Madonna - The Confessions Tour (DVD)

The title of this post actually says it all. Ok, I have to confess that i'm getting a little bit tired of this very-long Confessions-disco-diva-on-a-dancefloor era (don't blame me, it's been a lot of very intensive months with great music, nice videos, amazing shows and, well, also kids books, kids movies, leotards, bad hairdo's and babies adoptions), but to see this show again, this time on screen and so beautifully filmed and edited, equals pure ecstasy. She really is one of the best performers ever, no discussion there. As for the part seen above, it's one of my favourites of this tour, even if also being one of the most simple. To understand why, let's do a little rock-concert check-list of its contents:
- Rock chick with an attitude? Check.
- Glamorous clothes? Check.
- F-word shouted loud on the microphone? Check.
- Politicallly and sexually charged imagery? Check
- Blasting guitars in the end? Check
And, yes kids, she does say "If you go to Texas, you can suck George Bush's dick" and we do love her for that. Now on to my Madonna abstinence period (Björk, where are you?).


Anonymous said...

her best live dvd yet!


Random types said...

dunno if it's her best tour, but yep, it's indeed her best live dvd yet, so thank you Jonas Akerlund :)