Saturday, December 16, 2006

Marc Mac presents Visioneers - Dirty Old Hip Hop

Marc Mac is mostly famous for being part of the electronic-jazz duo 4 Hero and with Visioneers he joins forces with Luke Parkhouse (4 Hero drummer) and Brad Somatik. About this project, Marc confessed his main goal was to make an homage to the producers that made him become interested in hip hop, like the late Jay Dee, Jazzy Jeff or Pete Rock, but the title "Dirty Old Hip Hop" can also be mischieving. With a sophisticated production, vintage samples and an organic sound, it must be added that inspiration was also taken from musicians such as Isaac Hayes or Quincy Jones, making this a beautiful symbiosis between hip-hop, jazz and soul. However, the most important thing about Dirty Old Hip Hop is that it's clearly a labour of love where you can totally feel the pleasure put in its creation, making the final result a rare one: so simple yet sounding so special and luminous as few other things these days.

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