Thursday, December 21, 2006

Carl Hancock Rux - Good Bread Alley

With only 3 albums in his curriculum, Carl Hancock Rux has already a place of his own in today's world of music. Giving everything of him in what he does, it's easy to feel the love he puts in his work. His voice seems to come deep inside him, sounding so personal and powerful, while his interventional lyrics reflect the feelings of a black man living in the USA society of today. A preacher? It's actually difficult to think of someone expressing his anger in such a beautiful and intense way as he does. Music-wise, his main influences could only come from black music history: mainly blues and gospel, but also jazz and soul, all serving the ultimate purpose of illustrating his feelings and messages. The gospel reference doesn't come lightly, as Good Bread Alley seems like a soundtrack to an intense religious ceremony. Music as an ultimate form of catharsis.

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