Sunday, November 26, 2006

Radio Citizen - Berlin Serengeti

As with a lot of other records, Berlin Serengeti is all about fusion, putting together different languages such as soul, jazz, electronics or breakbeat and, in this specific case, adding an african flavor that Fela Kuti wouldn't disdain. So what makes it different from so many similar albuns that have come out since at least the late 1990's? Human touch is the answer and inspiration is the key. From the beginning and until the very end of Berlin Serengeti you can feel the pleasure that was put into its creation, adding a sense of urgency and vitality that distinguishes creativity from mediocrity. The result is an album of elegant, original and extraordinary music that, better than being a catalogue of its author's many influences, is nothing short of a paradigm in its own indescribable language.

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