Sunday, November 12, 2006

Magda - She's A Dancing Machine

Minimal techno is here to stay, it seems, thanks to the incredible flux of Berlin artists that keep releasing record after record of hypnotic sounds. The latest and most probably the best of the year in this genre (but I still have to hear the new Villalobos album - "Fizheuer Zieheuer") is an album by another foreigner-turned-into-Berlin-resident musician. Actually, "She's A Dancing Machine" is technically a compilation, using samples of 71 tracks by artists such as Plastikman, Metro Area, Villalobos, Donacha Costello, Larry Heard or Magda herself, which have then been edited, spliced and transformed until they can't be recognized, creating a continuous mix of 78 minutes divided in 16 parts. We say "technically" because the final result is the creation of a solid and original language, one of hypnotic proportions, where each sonic element introduced subtly evolves and transforms itself into another element, in a sequence where there's always enough space and time to breathe. Imagine the aural equivalent of the associations made inside our minds, when we let them run free, and you won't be far from reality.

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