Saturday, October 28, 2006

Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah Remixes

Discreetly, a mysterious duo from Berlin underground scene has been constructing one of the most cohesive musical universes of the past decade with their record label Basic Channel. Their music can be described as minimal techno with a strong dub-influence, full of repetitive and hypnotic details, echoes and, most of all, with a strong and profound bass where everything is layered upon. Imagine underground caves full of smoke and you won't be far from reality. As Rhythm & Sound, one of their many pseudonyms, they are joined by declaimers such as Paul St Hilaire, Willi Williams or Sugar Minott, as seen in last year's album "See Mi Yah", making it once again clear that Jamaica is one of their biggest sources for inspiration. And now first-class producers such as Carl Craig, Ricardo Villalobos or Vladislav Delay and insiders like Hallucinator or Substance, re-work last year's material with some brilliant results, taking it to a whole new level but never forgetting the main foundations of their source. This fact and the surprising consistence and coherence of this compillation as a whole, ends up making it a well-deserved homage to Basic Channel itself.

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