Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Kode9 + The Spaceape - Memories Of The Future

So it's official: dubstep is the sound of 2006 and Hyperdub its most important label. Some months ago we already had Burial's debut album, which is setting out to be the record of the year. And now the man behind Hyperdub, Steve Goodman (aka Kode9), puts out his own landmark, one that is simply and hauntingly brilliant. If "Burial" was already the soundtrack for the post-apocalypse, "Memories Of The Future" is post-post-everything. As if there's nothing left in the world, the sun has long disappeared, taking all forms of life with him, and we only have shadows, empty spaces, darkness, echoes and a sense of fear and loneliness in the air. Musically, this translates once again in an obsessive attention to the sounds geometry, an almost claustrophobic one, where only the absolutely necessary is heard. But if "Burial" was mostly instrumental, "Memories Of The Future" has the collaboration of declaimer Spaceape, reciting its scary poems in a monochordic and haunted voice, just like a prophet would sound after the end of the world, adding to the fear sensation that makes this album so unique. Somewhere in a line between life and death, and in the words of Kode9 himself: "14 dread filled flash-backs and flash-forwards from a world trembling in an echology of fear".

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