Saturday, October 14, 2006

Junior Boys - So This Is Goodbye

And with their second album, Junior Boys start all over again and thankfully we're allowed to make this journey with them. Gone are the muscular beats and rhythmic structures that "Last Exit", their first album, presented. This time, inspiration is taken from a multitude of 70's and 80's references, from electro to house or disco to r&b, but it's never just a name and style dropping catalogue. Instead, these recognizable elements are all worked out and slowed down until they serve an ultimate and bigger purpose: to build strong and inspired elegant songs, constructing beautiful and gigantic but also ethereal and intimate anthems. There's a sense of romance and distance in here, exulting an atmosphere that is coherent with its title: quiet and nostalgic for something which is probably already gone but that still gives us wonderful memories.

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