Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beyonce - B'Day

So far, she had been more of a singles artist, each of her previous albuns (as a solo singer or with Destiny's Child) having 3 or 4 good catchy songs, later turned into smash hit singles, and more than a half of filler ballads. That perception is changed with her second solo album, her most solid and mature album to date. To cut it short, B'Day is an unstoppable funk machine, each song having an infectious vibe rarely seen in her previous work. So much so, that there's not an obvious catchy song in here, the emphasis being more in constructing an album as a whole. And then, having been recorded in just a couple of weeks, there's a sense of urgency feel from start to end, so huge as if there's no tomorrow (hence the reason why she screams so much), turning this album into an ode to independence and, most of all, to (her) freedom.

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