Sunday, June 18, 2006

Wise In Time - The Ballad Of Den The Men

Ian Simmonds, the Welsh man behind this new project, has been supplying us with essential music for over a decade. As a member of Sandals, he made "Rite To Silence" (1994), one of the definitive releases of the 1990's decade, creating the perfect dance symbiosis between dub, house, techno and rock. Then he went solo and released some perfect soundtracks for the so-called pre-millennium tension, where we could almost see the end of the world coming, in albuns such as "Last States of Nature" (1998), signed as Ian Simmonds or "The Hill" (2000), as Juryman. After a long absence, he returns with what he does best: ellegant and nocturnal music to be heard essentially in the dark. It has elements of electronics, jazz, blues or folk but, more than that, it fits in a category of its own, one of nocturnal and claustrophobic poetry. Blindingly beautiful.

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