Monday, June 12, 2006

Hot Chip - The Warning

Their first album - 2004's "Coming On Strong" - was a lo-fi experience, with pure pop-melodies played in a false-naïve way that was totally irresistible. But nothing would prepare us for the next step: "The Warning" is absolute-genius-pop-music-elevated-to-perfection. The simple, almost-childish attitude towards melody and music is still here, but only in a false way, as this time things get much more complex. Last year, Some Water And Sun had already done something similar with "All My Friends Have To Go", bringing 80's influenced melodies that could be sang by Scritti Politti into our digital age, but now things go even further. Supporting perfect songs we have hip-hop, disco, funk, indietronica, techno, house, digital folk or 80's electro in an absolutely successful attempt to abolish all contradictions and create harmony out of chaos. The fact that, with a smile in their faces and a lot of humour, they accomplish all this in a way that seems so simple and easy, is just the miracle of pop-music in full force.

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