Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Confessions Tour - first show

Madonna has kicked off her Confessions Tour last Sunday in L.A. to rave reviews from both press and public. has a nice description of the show and setlist here.
As always, there's already some controversy, especially regarding the hanging-in-the-cross act during "Live To Tell". The L.A. Times has made a very interesting analysis about it that pretty much applies to her entire career:
"...In the nearly two-hour show's most obviously controversial sequence, the 47-year-old was positioned on a giant steel mesh cross, singing her poignant ballad "Live To Tell" while pictures of suffering children swirled about her. What was so fascinating wasn't the message of compassion this outspoken children's advocate attached to her heretical stance; it was the way she held it, arms outstretched and face serious, for the entire song, until the shock wore off and it seemed less like blasphemy than an ardent attempt to understand what makes such an image so compelling. If the dizzyingly elaborate Confessions revue said anything in particular, it was that images - Madonna's stock in trade - have a way of veering out of control and gaining new meanings..." (Taken from an article by Ann Powers, The Los Angeles Times.)

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