Saturday, May 20, 2006

AGF + Delay - Explode / Quio - Like Oooh!

As said before, there's probably no city right now with a more creative atmosphere than Berlin, with many of today's most relevant musicians being found there. If ever they were needed, here are two more good proofs, both coming from the brilliant mind of Antye Greie-Fuchs, aka AGF.
"Explode", done together with Delay, is pure, dark and austere electronics, being a good soundtrack to your most intimate thoughts. It's a very poetic album, with some interventional lyrics but, at the same time, using whispered vocals, showing that you don't need to shout to make yourself heard. With full effect, as shown in this hypnotic album.
"Like Oooh!", by Quio and produced by AGF, is the opposite, with a ludic, fresh and funny feeling, almost sounding naive. Full of references to street music genres like dancehall, grime or reggaeton, everything is then filtered by the german electronics school, as if two opposite forces were joined together...and lived happily ever after.

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