Saturday, March 04, 2006

Switzerland and Zurich city

I still haven't travelled as much as i would like to, but living 9 months in Switzerland some years ago made me realize that this is probably the place in the world where i mostly feel better, and everytime i go there this feeling gets stronger. I love the fact that everything is so beautiful, so perfectly-organized and well-thought but, at the same time, so open and relaxed. Some incredible feelings can come up from simple things like travelling by train and looking at the window (those breathtaking views!) or going up to the alps, looking down and around and feeling on top of the world.
Zürich itself is probably not the most beautiful city in the world (this title quite possibily belongs to Lisbon) but it's really a place to feel good and happy with life. It ain't a big city but it's very dynamic and has a special atmosphere...lots of bars, restaurants, clubs, nice shops, galleries, gardens, the river, the lake, the alps nearby, friendly and open people and a nightlife that no words can describe.

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