Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009: Top 40 songs

Things nowadays tend to move and change in such speed that, when artists release their debut album after a couple of hyped-up songs, it's not uncommon to find their previous audiences already looking somewhere else and not giving a damm. As a consequence, there's the danger of ending up with shorter careers than expected. But frankly, when there's such a huge amount of exciting new tracks by new projects - and a lot of them with no album out yet - as in 2009, everything else becomes secondary. The list of 40 songs below should give you 40 explanations for that.

40. Memory Cassette - Last One Awake (Friend Remix) (mp3 via Transparent)

39. Das Racist & Wallpaper. - Combination Pizza Hut And Taco Bell (Wallpaper. RMX) (mp3 via Pitchfork)

38. Washed Out - Feel It All Around (mp3 via Transparent)

37. Jensen Sportag - Victim (mp3 via Transparent)

36. Samuel - Say Goodbye (mp3 via Neon Gold)

35. Ellie Goulding - Wish I Stayed (feat. Frankmusik) (mp3 via Neon Gold)

34. Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be (mp3 via Spinner)

33. jj - From Africa to Málaga (mp3 via Gorilla vs. Bear)

32. The Big Pink - Velvet (mp3 via Spinner)

31. The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (mp3 via Boom Boom Chik)

30. Girls - Lust For Life (mp3 via Transparent)

29. Theophilus London - Sandcastle (Black x Blue) (mp3 via Neon Gold)

28. Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) (mp3 via MFR)

27. Yes Giantess - Tuff N Stuff (mp3 via Neon Gold)

26. The-Dream - Love vs. Money

25. The Sound Of Arrows - M.A.G.I.C. (mp3 via Neon Gold)

24. The xx - Basic Space (Pariah Remix) (mp3 via Gorilla vs. Bear)

23. Grammatics - Murderer

22. HURTS - Wonderful Life (mp3 via Arjan Writes)

21. Erik Hassle - Don't Bring Flowers (Yes Giantess Remix) (mp3 via Neon Gold)

20. Memory Tapes - Bicycle (mp3 via Transparent)

19. Drake - Houstatlantavegas

18. frYars - Morning

17. Friendly Fires - Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix) (mp3 via Pitchfork)

16. These New Puritans - We Want War (mp3 via You Are The Music)

15. Erik Hassle - Isn't It Obvious

14. Evan Voytas - Getting Higher (mp3 via Transparent)

13. VISITOR - Los Feeling (mp3 via Neon Gold)

12. Jamie T - Spider's Web (mp3 via

11. The Drums - Let's Go Surfing (mp3 via Transparent)

10. Animal Collective - My Girls (mp3 via Atlanta's A-list)

9. Major Lazer - Keep It Goin' Louder (feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze) (mp3 via The Burning Ear)

8. US Royalty - Keep it Cool (Bo Flex Giantess Remix) (mp3 via Neon Gold)

7. Think About Life - Havin' My Baby (mp3 via Neon Gold)

6. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (mp3 via The Burning Ear)

5. Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets

This girl might dominate 2010. She has already created a lot of buzz on the internet and crossed on to the BBC airwaves, proving that Ellie Goulding has everything to become a household name. Produced by the magnificent Starsmith, this song is a breath of fresh air in the current pop and electronica panorama, lead by the truly beautiful voice of Ellie. (JP)

4. The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea

First single from the excellent Primary Colours (my favourite album of 2009, no less), Sea Within a Sea gave us a first glimpse of what was to come… and what a glimpse it was! Faris Badwan singing with a disaffected delivery over a dense and more electronic, bass-heavy, psychedelic sound. And then, at 3:39 (4:05 in the video below, blame its introduction dialogue), those motorik clunky synths come in, and by that time, we all start floating.

3. Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension

The much awaited solo album from The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas presented itself to the world with this banger of a synth rock song. Not only it pushed his sound forward, it is also highly addictive. The Strokes + 80's pop = bliss. (JP)

2. The Sound Of Arrows - Into The Clouds

Having complete creative control over everything put out under their name, it becomes an evidence that these guys were born with some amazing talents. Into The Clouds is the epitome of perfection in a synth-pop song, where everything counts to build a constant state of joy: those epic involving keyboards, those banging beats, those bright sweet melodies… One word: breathtaking!

And as a bonus, because there’s never such a thing as “too much Into The Clouds”, here’s an eighties-fest remix of it.

The Sound of Arrows - Into The Clouds (Fear of Tigers Remix)

(mp3 via Neon Gold)

1. Erik Hassle - Hurtful

An international number one in the making (if there’s any fairness in this world), the absurd catchiness of Hurtful is just part of the story. The fact is that there is so much sentiment in this song that it ends up being a powerful and contagious anthem, to stop-whatever-we’re-doing-and-start-singing-out-loud, wherever we are. And then there’s the marching drums, the touching lyrics, his emotive singing, all matching together too damm well. So let’s forget for a minute that ironic perspective we tend to have towards everything and just let ourselves go, because Hurtful is truly what “larger than life” means.

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