Sunday, August 30, 2009

jj - nº 2

With mysterious act jj and their debut full-length, Sincerely Yours is at it again. Seriously, can these guys ever do anything wrong? jj have been labeled by some as an acoustic version of The Tough Alliance, but that's not even half of the story. Besides the blissful atmosphere, the warm and sunny melodies and the use of escapism as a superior form of art in pop music, there's also hypnotic acoustic guitars and those sweet ethereal voices, while echoes of distant genres like ambient-techno or hip-hop are used to create unique textures. In this case, it seems that everything (and more) counts to make it sound so special. And "special" is really the word in here. Basically, this is what a perfect day in a perfect place in a perfect world would sound like. (9/10)

jj - from africa to málaga (mp3 via Gorilla Vs. Bear)

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